Our Team

Dedication to see success.

We don’t just want to send money, and read updates from other people on the ground in Haiti. For us to live our mission, we knew we had to be in tune with their culture and needs. So, for the past 6 years we have been returning to Haiti and have formed relationships that help us understand what Haiti truly needs.



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Tony and Christin have been married for 15 years, and are the parents to two young sons. Prior to launching the social enterprise that would become Made-to-Love in 2010, Christin worked at a photography studio as a graphic designer – a passion she still feeds (many of the photos seen on our site are the results of her vision). As for Tony, in addition to his duties at Made-to-Love and his recent studies which earned him degrees in Non-Profit Administration and Urban Missions, he is a full-time firefighter and paramedic for the city of Hamilton, Ohio.

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Shari Miller

Even prior to hearing - and heeding - the call to journey to Haiti, Shari had a passion for education and the role it plays in preparing young minds to lead productive lives. At Lee University her studies earned her a degree in human development and education, which led to a career as a high school teacher in Virginia - experiences that have proven beneficial as Made-to-Love continues to broaden its reach and vision. Shari and her husband Pete live in Hamilton, Ohio and have two children.





Jennifer Eickelburger

Jen, joined Made to Love as Creative Director several years ago. She has been such a valuable addition to the team. Jen is a mother of  3 girls and wife of  Hamilton Firefighter, Tommy.  Her passion for art, photography and design led her to Morehead State University, where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Art.  She uses her passion and skill everyday in the store, creating window displays, photographing trips to Haiti and products and making everything look fabulous.



Estime Odilon

Odilon is the village leader in Charye where the Garden of Eden School is located.  He is also the leader of OCDM (Organisation De Devloppement Contre La Misere) a Haitian organization that works with educational development, agriculture and reforestation.

Odilon's vision to create a school in the village was the catalyst for over 300 kids to have the opportunity to go to school. Before the schools creation, many kids would have to walk hours to school. The kids who were in the village often could not afford the tuition for school. The Garden of Eden school is tuition free. The parents often partner with the school to help cook food for the students and pay for uniform costs.  This helps so many kids that would have never been able to attend school, get an education.

Kelly Crowdis


Dr. Kelly Crowdis

Dr. Kelly Crowdis has been serving long-term in Haiti for over 10 years. Life is always exciting in Haiti! Kelly feels blessed to be there and be a small part of God's plan for Haiti.  Kelly's main ministry projects are working with the Give A Kid To A Kid project and hosting short-term veterinary teams where they train veterinary agents and Haitian veterinarians as well as hold animal care clinics. Dr. Kelly is our partner on the ground in Haiti.  She makes sure the Schools get the money for tuition and operational costs. She also lets us know if there are new places to buy amazing products. She vital to all that Made to Love does.

Eden School


The Garden of Eden School

The Garden of Eden School started 6 years ago as a part of Dr. Kelly's Give a Kid a Kid Goat Project. The kids would go through the literacy program and then receive a baby goat to raise.  The school now has grown from 15 kids to over 350 students. The school has preschool through 6th grade. This school has been completely funded by Made to Love through sales and donations.  




We are a 100% volunteer staff.  So many people chip in to help make Made to Love happen. We all share a burden for Haiti, Education, job creation and listening to the voice of God.  We believe that "many hands make light work". These volunteers are the embodiment of this quote. They are the backbone of Made to Love.