Our partner groups and artisans are the backbone of Made To Love - all of the goods you'll find in our store are sourced directly from groups like these. You can learn a little about each one of them below.

It’s our way of creating generational change that will lift these communities out of poverty and build hope within families.

Haiti Design Co-op

Haiti Design Co-op was founded in 2014 with the goal to bring about sustainable development through design, training, and job creation. Haiti Design Co-op houses and partners with production teams working in many types of artisan crafting, including leatherwork, sewing, jewelry making, aluminum casting, metal work, weaving, beadwork, horn & bone, tailoring, and shoe making. The work they do provides consistent employment in order to give job training and stability to individuals in vulnerable situations, as well as raise up artisan leaders to succeed as independent entrepreneurs in the community.

Haiti Babi was created to keep kids out of orphanages and with their parents. Haiti Babi hires moms in Haiti to knit and crochet high-quality artisan baby goods. A job empowers these moms to earn a living while caring for their families. By purchasing a Haiti Babi product you empower a mom in Haiti to care for her children and keep them out of orphanages.

Deux Mains is an employee-owned and operated footwear company in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. With the help of nonprofit partner, REBUILD globally, they are part of a social business ecosystem committed to building financial security for the most vulnerable in Haiti; while also committed to creating a modern sandal brand that is always authentic, slightly eccentric and proudly unique.

W.O.M.E.N. are renowned for their creativity in quilting, jewelry making, painting and much more. The colorful handiworks they create reveal their zest for success and reflect the beauty of the Haitian culture. With training, support and the right tools, women are able to build their own at home, cottage style business that enable her to earn a real living wage and dream bigger than she ever thought possible. The results are inspiring. Women who were once downtrodden and without hope are now some of the most highly regarded members of their communities treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Partnering with Haitian artisans to create life-changing beauty.

Three Cords was born out of Mission of Hope Haiti, an organization founded in 1998 that exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. After a major earthquake devastated Haiti in 2010, an estimated 9,000 Haitians faced amputations from the falling rubble. Mission of Hope provided surgeries, prosthetics and other medical care to many people impacted by that earthquake.

Papillon Enterprises is dedicated to: helping Haitian parents rise out of extreme poverty in order to keep their children; finding families for parentless Haitian children; making the needs of Haiti apparent to potential helpers through media & the arts; inspiring adoration of our loving Father God with hope that one day He will be apparent to all.

Singing Rooster was established in 2009. They partner commercially with small-holder coffee, cacao (chocolate), and art producers to alleviate poverty in Haiti by serving as: Agricultural and business consultants; Organizers of pre-harvest financing; Primary buyers of crops/products at premium prices; Product transformation into higher value items (like roasted coffee or chocolate bars); Business guiders, developers, cheerleaders; Equitably distributing economic gains.

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