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Shoe Day in Charye?


What a wonderful day this was in the Village of Charye. This small, but mighty place in the Artibonite Valley of Haiti had an amazing delivery on this 22nd day of October 2016. This was many months in the making, and literally took a lot of people to make it happen. From our friends at Rebuild Globally (http://rebuildglobally.org) in Haiti, who work to employ Haitians to make these shoes and other beautiful items out of recycled materials, literally turning trash into treasures. To our missionary, the amazing Kelly Crowdis and her efforts to always provide a sustainable need for those in Haiti, who said this was a major need for the kids in this village. Finally, to all of those who either donated specifically for this project or bought products that helped us to provide the funds, it literally took a village to raise the funds to buy 214 pairs of shoes for the 214 kids. This was a $7,500 dream that just became a reality.

What does it mean to have this “Shoe Day in Charye?”

It means kids that walk as much as an hour a day to get to school will now have a good pair of shoes to walk in. They are durable and guaranteed by Rebuild Globally for a year. They are made of recycled tires and plastic, leading to less garbage in Haiti. It provides funds and work for Rebuild Globally and there Haitian workers. It is an all-around win for everyone involved. I waited all day to see the updates, and as I looked at the pictures and videos as they came in I could only smile. To see the kids excited about these shoes and watch them proudly try them on and wear them, I could only think of the blessing they are feeling. While it may only seem like a pair of shoes, it is more than that. I watched Odilon (leader in this village) speak to the kids and parents, and I know he is giving all of the credit to God for this blessing. So now the joy these kids are feeling glorifies God. They see that He provided the opportunity to make this happen. They see how this small village that cannot be found on many maps, was chosen for such a blessing. They feel loved and cared for, by God first and foremost, but also by all of those He used to make this happen. From the person that bought a $5 bracelet, to the donor that gave money to Kelly and onto the very hands that made this shoe for that child. Every piece of the chain being vitally important, and without this varied group of people, these 214 kids would not be in a new pair of shoes tonight. So tonight, kids feel loved….and that should make us all feel good. Love is all that matters in the end. Today, we did a good job loving!

Shoe Day in Charye!

Thank you for partnering with us!
Tony Harris