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Dream Big Fundraiser

It’s hard to believe, but Made to Love’s “Dream Big” fundraiser was just over 3 weeks ago at The Benison in Hamilton.  It was an amazing night.  We saw so many people that have supported us over the years. We also got to hear from our friends at Restavek Freedom, and of course, our dear friend, Kelly Crowdis.


While we had a great night together, the purpose for the event was to raise funds for our various projects in Haiti. We were very unsure of what we could accomplish.  None of us are event planners and requesting donations is always uncomfortable for us. A few weeks before the event, we thought we may have 50 people in attendance and possibly break even on costs to have the event.  God had other plans and He amazed all of us at Made to Love. With the support of sponsors, donors, attendees and friends, we raised $10,704 on that night!  Just an amazing total that opens up so many opportunities for Made to Love and our work in Haiti.  It was so special to see all the ways people gave, from donating food to products for basket raffles, and giving funds.  We had large gifts and we had small gifts, but they all make an impact. It was special to see donations that came from kids giving just a few dollars, knowing that they gave what they could and it will still make an impact.


So, what now… we have already sent $5,000 to Kelly to begin work on the building project in Charye.  This was seen as the #1 need by Odilon, the village leader. I look forward to being in Haiti in late June for another graduating class of 6th graders and am excited to see what progress will already be made on the building.  We have sent the funds that were earmarked for Kelly, and will be sending more in coming weeks and months.  We also had funds to support a special event at the Garden of Eden school in Charye for Flag Day. Over the coming weeks and months, the Made to Love Board will work with Kelly and Odilon to prioritize the projects and send funds to the various items, like sponsorships, meals, the fish project, desks and books.


From all of us at Made to Love, to all of you that supported us in any way, THANK YOU!  No matter if you donated and attended, or simply shared our massive amounts of posts (lol), you helped to make that night a success.  All $10,704 dollars will go to Haiti and be used to change lives for the better, and we could not have done it without each and every one of you!


-Shari Miller